Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Repeat this:  I refuse to loose my groove!

….don’t rebel….

The east met the west.  One side abandoned their faith because of the other.  Historically the east will meet the west again.  History is destined to repeat itself.  It’s not about what happened in history nor is it about why they abandoned their faith.

For those of you who have abandoned their faith let your hearts be relieved to know that compassion will put you back on track.  Historically compassion trumps anger and judgment.  Keep up the work that you believe to be good. 

For those of you who be preparing to meet the east or the west, find ya groove.  Don’t be like the generations before thee.  You don’t have to do it like the previous generations did. History, in order to keep it fair, has to do what it did for each generation.  Find ya groove then don’t loose it like the previous generations did.

….the boundaries are effective….

Don’t abandon your faith.  Know that your faith is not what you hope.  Faith is not what you see. Faith is what you say.  Faith is not power.  Faith is not magic.  Implement your groove when the two meet again.  Then refuse to loose your groove as you move forward.  Your faith will support your groove.  Faith is just as illusive, hard to grasp as love is.

Prepare yourselves before the meeting.  Find ya groove children.  Create groove children.  Imitate a groove child.  For the time is coming for you to establish some good.  Your faith is your good. This will be your majesty.  It is something that you can take pride in.

You wanted to know how it did it.  How I made it real.  I kept my groove and endured to the end. 
The way to fight the good fight of faith is too endure.  It’s a peaceful endeavor.  It’s neither a war nor a battle. When the lion roars it’s a call to be peaceful not a threat of war.

…work out your salvation with and trembling…..

Reverential fear is in order yet you don’t have to be afraid. There is a part of you that must be afraid.  Use your groove to be the thing that is courageous.  Use your groove to live life.  Be the groove in life. Become with your groove.    

Do not rebel, keep ya groove.  It pays to be peaceful.   


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